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Caribbean Stud Poker (RTG)

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Slot NameCaribbean Stud Poker (RTG)
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
Slot TypesPoker
Slot CompatibilityMobile
Progressive SlotProgressive
Min. Bet1
Max. Bet500
RTP %94.78
Bonus GameNo
Quick gameNo
Royal flushYes

Caribbean Stud Poker With Progressive Jackpot

Caribbean Stud Poker is a board game found in physical casinos and casinos and it is the poker variant known as five-card stud poker, but unlike other poker games, Caribbean Stud, the players are against the house and not other players. Therefore, the bluff is useless in Caribbean Stud Poker.

Desorallado by Realtime Gaming (RTG), this game also has a button that enables the progressive jackpot. The specific thing about the progressive jackpot here is the fact that it is shared by two other RTG card games: Caribbean Draw Poker and Caribbean Hold’em Poker. The fact that the game has a shared jackpot basically means that the latter could increase much faster compared to the situation if the jackpot were a local and independent.

Like many casino games, the history of this game is sordid, and there are many different variations of where it is originally generated. This gambling house was created with the hope of attracting more poker players at the tables, but it is not known with certainty who invented the game and wrote the rules, even though the games of chance of the authority of David Sklansky affirms which he made in 1982 under the name of Casino Poker, but was unable to patent the game.

Caribbean Stud Poker Review


It was later patented in Aruba by another player who brought the game and considers it Caribbean Stud Poker. Another thread says that the game is being played on a cruise ship to Aruba with a different name. It was purchased by the owner after discovering that the game on the ship and later received its current name. Whatever its origin, Caribbean Stud Poker has become one of the most popular casino table games in the world, offered in almost every casino in the world.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

All seated at the table, five cards are dealt by the dealer, which then becomes one of the cards and pushes another four cards for the player. At this time, players can see their cards, and like poker players, all players can play or withdraw from their hands.

If you play the hand, you must place an increase in the box marked “Bet”. The dealer reveals his four cards after everyone has made their decisions and bets. The dealer then compares his hand to the other players individually. For the dealer to qualify (play), he has to have a King and an Ace, a pair, or any other high-ranking poker hand.

Those who do not beat the dealer lose the raise bet and the bet. In case of a tie, the increase and before the tie bets. When the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the raise bets are pushed, or returned to the table, while the betting bets are paid to the players.

The design of the table of characteristics of marked places that dictate where players must place their before being eligible to participate in the hand. The progressive jackpot feature of the game can be chosen before the dealer will announce “No more bets.” To play the progressive jackpot, place a chip in the slot, which turns on the light so that the seat for the duration of the current hand.

Game Rules Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

In US, the casinos, Caribbean Stud Poker rules vary a bit depending on where you are playing. The most important rules require players to follow, however, at all times, and these do not vary by location.

The first rule of Caribbean Stud Poker is that it is not just one hand per player and players are not able to bet or keep multiple hands on the table. Also, during the game the players are not allowed to speak or communicate in any way, so that the dealer or the other players about the hand. If they do, they lose their bets or the results in a “dead hand.”

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy

The best strategy to use in Caribbean Stud Poker is to play A-K, which reduces the casino edge in the game significantly. To play in this strategy one of the three situations that occur. When the dealer has an Ace or a King as his card face up, it is an optimal time to raise A-K-Q and a-K-J hands.

This is because the player has blockers for the dealer pairs and is likely to be the best a-K hand. A player can use this strategy when the face of the dealer of the card is 2 and even a Queen when that player has the same card in his hand. This strategy is known as the “Effect Blocker”.

If the dealer has a 2 to a 5 as the converted card is another good time to use this strategy. The best advice to remember basic Caribbean Stud strategy is to play any couple you have and sometimes less than the AK.


Caribbean Stud Poker attracts many players and is a unique variation of the five-card draw standard, so if you are a fan of five cards or other table games such as blackjack and craps, you are likely to take for the Caribbean Stud Poker

It does, however, take some degree of patience to expect the right hand and the discipline necessary to comply with the strategy, so if you are the type to make rash decisions and get bored easily, you can not find this game very exciting.

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