Online Casino Payment Methods


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For online gamblers every online casino offers different payment methods for depositing and withdrawing money. The options are very wide, that’s why Casino Duende has separated the different forms of payment offered by each casino. Choose the payment method that suits you best from debit or credit cards, electronic purses, crypto coins or prepaid cards. Know also the advantages and disadvantages of each payment method in online casinos.

Payment with bank cards

Most online players already control online payments quite well using credit cards and wire transfers. These methods are used more often than other payment methods.
In order to avoid some inconveniences when paying with the following cards Casino Duende recommends you some details that you will never forget:

Try not to make purchases or enter card or bank account information from a terminal that you consider unsafe, always try to do so from your home or from a trusted terminal.

Only enter bank details on websites that have addresses beginning with Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The padlock that appears in front of “https” guarantees that the site is secure, the data is encrypted by security protocols and that there is no possibility that someone can get to copy the data we enter on this page.

Payment with VISA

VISA is one of the world’s leading payment brands. It began offering its payment card to its customers in 1970, when they began working with Bank of America. Today, there are more than 30 different types of Visa credit and debit cards that can be used to make purchases in more than 150 countries around the world and offer insurance and other additional benefits.

Payment with Mastercard

Mastercard is a brand of credit and debit cards. It was originally created in 1967 by the United Bank of California. Today MasterCard offers cards, loyalty programs, cards with additional benefits and insurance. Over time, MasterCard has a worldwide network of payment terminals and points of sale, and is accepted by the vast majority of online stores and online gaming websites.

Payment with Paysafecard

Paysafecard is Europe’s first Internet payment method and has developed over the past few years into one of the most important alternative online payment options. Paysafecard payment works without the need to enter sensitive bank or credit card details, thus ensuring complete financial privacy. Thus, the use of paysafecard is comparable to cash payment in any merchant, and is currently available in more than 30 countries. Paysafecard can be purchased at any partner point of sale, including kiosks, stationers, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, gas stations and mobile phone shops. The Paysafecard has a 16-digit number, just like traditional cards, which is used to make purchases and payments online and can be used to make deposits on random websites. In 2015 Paysafecard acquired the rights to Ukash, offering its customers the opportunity to transfer their final interests from one supplier to another.

Payment with Wirecard

Wirecard is a prepaid card issued by the German Bank Wirecard. With its simple online banking procedures, Wirecard offers an alternative online payment method that is very valid for credit cards and direct debits.
Online casinos and Wirecard users generally receive an immediate confirmation of the successful payment. Wirecard works like a MasterCard credit card, with the notable exception that, instead of being a physical card, it is a prepaid virtual card.

Digital eWallets

More and more online gamers are worried about the filtering of their bank details and are wary of traditional deposit and payment methods. To eliminate these fears, fortunately there are alternative payment methods. They are digital e-wallets that offer the means to make deposits at online casinos and play online gambling for real money without compromising your bank or card details. PayPal, Skrill, Entropay, Trustly and Neteller are the digital e-wallets trusted by many online gamblers with a global presence.

How to have a digital eWallet?

Each digital eWallet provider offers the simple and fast process for obtaining a digital eWallet. The online player enters his or her data, including first name, last name and date of birth. If necessary, he also enters his bank card details. Then the amount of money you want to deposit in the electronic purse which is then converted into funds ready to use in online casinos.

Payment with PayPal

PayPal is a better known and more reliable electronic wallet as a payment method. Founded in 1998 PayPal is an American company that also has European offices in Dublin. PayPal uses email to receive or send funds. The PayPal account can be linked to a bank account or a credit card. Currently there are few online casinos that accept PayPal as a method of deposit and payment.

Payment with Neteller

Neteller is the second most widely used company of its kind after PayPal. Neteller has an electronic wallet well known among online casino gamblers. It also offers a physical payment card, linked to MasterCard. But it is not a credit card, it is the prepaid card with funds previously deposited in it through a bank account.

Payment with Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a form of deposit and payment chosen by most online gaming websites. Skrill distinguishes itself from other e-wallets by offering some services without charging commissions and having a loyalty program that provides online players with benefits for using Skrill.

Payment with EcoPayz

Founded in 1999 with a central office in the UK, EcoPayz is a globally accepted e-wallet with a wide range of financial services available to online gamers. Like other providers it also offers all the features of an electronic wallet. The most popular of its services is a prepaid debit card called ecoCard which offers the possibility of withdrawing funds. The EcoCard is not available for U.S. players. However, it offers its services to online casino players in almost all countries and supports 7 languages and 45 different currencies.

Payment with Entropay

EntroPay is a reusable, prepaid virtual VISA debit card that allows you to deposit funds into your account immediately and can be used at any online casino that accepts VISA. Up to 30 virtual VISA cards can be created within your EntroPay account. You can use your credit/debit card to add funds to your virtual VISA. Once you have loaded your virtual VISA, which takes place during the EntroPay registration process, you can begin using it immediately.

Payment with Klarna (Sofort)

Founded in 2005 with its office in Munich, Sofort is a German company whose name means immediately or immediately in German. Sofort is a secure and fast online payment method from your bank account to the seller’s bank account. It is a secure online payment system with assisted transfer. The only requirement to use Sofort as a deposit method is to have a bank account in any of the banks admitted in the countries it operates. The particular feature of payments with Sofort is the absence of proof of payment. The Sofort system is responsible for notifying and assuring the recipient that the payment has been made which reduces the usual time it usually takes a transfer.

Payment with Qiwi

Created in Russia in 2006, the Qiwi payment method is based on ATM-type kiosks that allow consumers to make cash or card payments at terminals installed in popular public places. From 2008 Qiwi also offers Qiwi Visa virtual cards for secure online shopping. Currently there are more than 200,000 kiosks that allow more than 85 million Qiwi customers to make payments to tens of thousands of suppliers, such as online shops, mobile network operators, banks and some online casinos.

Payment with Yandex Money

Who doesn’t know, Yandex is the most used search engine in Russia. Together with Sberbank, one of the largest banks in Russia, they have created Yandex Money e-wallet. To have this e-wallet you just need to open an account at Yandex. Once the Yandex account is registered and activated, you can deposit funds in it to play in any online casino that accepts this method. When you make a deposit for the first time, the Yandex account will be instantly credited to your online casino account. To use Yandex Money it is important to remember that you cannot withdraw funds from the online casino with this payment method.

Payment with WorldPay

Founded in 1989 in London, WorldPay was the first online payment platform of the first online store in the UK. More and more online casinos rely on WorldPay, making it the company that processes the most online gambling transactions in Europe.

To be able to use this payment method, all we have to do is register on their website and select one of the available banks and add our account to Worldpay, then enter an amount of money and everything is ready. Worldpay has wanted to simplify payment processes so that everyone can use its payment platform in a simple way, has a long history in the market and operate in more than 120 different currencies, in addition to being accepted in more than 40 countries, as against we can mention the fact that it is not yet well known among users.

Payment with NeoSurf

Neosurf is a “prepaid card” payment method. We can acquire a card in some of the diverse points of sale that we can find as they are stores, tobacconists, service stations, supermarkets and stores of press in the whole world. The cards can be bought with cash, we will have a 10-digit code on the back to which is associated an amount of money, which will be used to make the deposit.

The amount of money can reach a maximum of 250€. Neosurf codes can be used several times until the balance is exhausted, remembering that the deposit will be instantaneous. It also allows you to transfer the remaining balance from one card to another. No need to register or fill in data, so it is a completely anonymous method. With this method we will be able to enter balance in a betting house with total confidentiality, while to make withdrawals we will have to select some other method due to the nature of prepaid cards.

It is a very practical option that many players usually choose when it comes to making deposits of online casino games.

Payment with iDeal

This method registered in 2005 of Dutch origin is based on online banking, is present in several European online casinos. It establishes a direct connection between the page on which you want to make the payment and the online banking of our bank. It is simple and easy to use. This payment provider is in constant growth as it provides reliable and fast transactions. It offers immediate access to banking platforms and is accepted by a wide variety of casinos. Its benefits include a fee-free service, deposits processed in a matter of minutes and flexible usage that even allows you to deposit money in e-wallets.

Payment with Wirecard

Wirecard is a prepaid card issued by the German bank Wirecard. With its simple online banking procedures, Wirecard offers a very interesting online payment alternative to credit cards and direct debits.

Wirecard online casinos and online gamblers generally receive immediate confirmation of successful payment and can therefore immediately deliver products and services. This also minimizes possible credit risks. It actually functions as a MasterCard credit card, with the notable exception that instead of being a physical card it is a virtual prepaid card.

Payment with Cubits

After three years of existence, Cubits has become the well known payment method. With its help, online casino gamblers can expect fast payments, fast deposits, excellent customer service and perfect security. This Bitcoin-based payment method has proven to be very useful for online players who are also Bitcoin investors.

Payment with Zimpler

Zimpler is a mobile payment method specifically designed for online gambling. The Zimpler company is based in Sweden and provides a fairly easy to use and totally secure service that allows online gamblers to make payments from their mobile devices, without the need to enter their personal financial information on websites.

Payment with IDebit

IDebit payment method to make online casino transactions is very fast, easy, safe and absolutely free.
Would you like to know why iDebit is the ideal payment method for you? In our review of payment method with iDebit, we offer you all the important information about this payment method. Before registering at any casino, it is very important for online casino players to read about deposit and bank payment methods. Many casino operators offer iDebit payments for Canadian players, because they know how amazing it is for Canadian customers. Fast withdrawal and no transaction fees is the main purpose of the iDebit payment method.
The payment option with iDebit is a solid option for any nationality due to its safe and fast services. Especially the iDebit payment method is good for Canadian players because it is adapted to their jurisdiction and the laws of their country. Canadian online casino players can rest easy using this payment method, because their hard earned money will never go away.

Payment with Interac

Founded in Canada, Interac is a payment provider offering financial services since 1984. Interac is well known to online casino players in Canada. The provider has more than 59,000 ATMs available and more than 450,000 locations that accept Interac debit payments. Currently, Interac is offering the payment service for the online casinos due to its ability to process the payment without problems and at incredible speeds. Although Interac is a “novice” in the online gambling industry, but with decades of experience in processing payments in Canada, there is no doubt that all its operations will be solid and secure.