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The best online sportsbooks

Welcome to the sports betting section of Casino Duende. On our website you can get information on the online sportsbooks and the best online betting odds. Unlike many of the review websites that one can find online these days, our sole objective is nothing more than to make a complete list of the best online sportsbooks.

Place bets on the correct online sportsbook is a of the most important decisions that the bettor has to make. With many dishonest sports betting websites, choosing a good online betting house could be tedious work. That’s why we recommend that you always choose a online sportsbooks from those listed on our website.

It is unpredictable that you select a bookmaker from this list, if you decide to bet, and visit the bookmaker by following the link to the official website of this sports bookmaker. Maybe you may not know this, but there are quite a few websites that hide their links to send you to a fake website in order to steal your information.

We only work with those betting websites where we are registered as affiliates and provide the clean links and only to the official websites of these betting online sportsbooks.

Lately many online casinos offer apart from online games, also sports betting that gives you the opportunity to enjoy favorite games and sporting events without having to change the website. In this section we will review and analyze the best sports betting online sportsbooks around the world.
The following table presents in our opinion the best online sports betting sites.

Best Online Sports Betting Houses

#CasinoRatingBonusBonus CodeWebsite
1 Read Review BONUS 50% UP TO $1000MYB50 Visit

2 Read Review WELCOME BONUS 100% UP TO $300XB100 Visit

3 Read Review BONUS 100% UP TO €150 Use Link Visit

4 Read Review 100% BONUS UP TO 80$ml_1786 Visit

5 Read Review 100% BONUS UP TO $/€300 Use Link Visit

6 Read Review WELCOME BONUS 300% UP TO 6,000 µɃ Use Link Visit

7 Read Review Use Link Visit

8 Read Review 100% BONUS UP TO $/€ 500 + 200 FREE SPINS Use Link Visit

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How do sports betting work?

Main factors

The key factors for choosing a sports betting house

  • Bonuses, promotions and offers – what bonuses and promotions do you have?
  • Software – what type and quality does the software have?
  • Security – what security do you offer?
  • Customer support – what support service does it offer?

How to make sports bets?

Making a sports bet does not have much mystery, it’s very simple. It works in the same way as a normal bet, you bet a quantity of money and if you guess you get back that amount multiplied by the fixed fee. For example; you have bet $ / € 10 to 2.50 and you have guessed right, they will pay you 10 x 2.5 = $ / € 25 It’s that easy!

There are also other types of sports betting. Most popular are:

  1. Host the winner of the match.
  2. Bet with handicap:
    The handicap is the system to assign advantages through compensation between different competitors so that their chances of victory in sports competitions are matched, in other words, it is to give an advantage to one of the teams.
    For example; we make a bet for FC Barcelona with handicap – 1.5, this means that FC Barcelona must win the game by 2 goals or more so that your bet is winning.
  3. Bets with Asian handicap:
    It is a form of sports bet in which teams start with an advantage or a disadvantage according to their fitness, so that the strongest team must win by a greater margin for the bettor to win. In the Christian, it is the same as the handicap but the bet is divided into two parts. For example a handicap – 2.25 by FC Barcelona would win the entire bet a result in favor of that team with 3 or more goals difference. If FC Barcelona wins by only 2 goals, you are returned half of the bet, but you lose the other half. And if FC Barcelona wins by 1 goal, draw or lose, then you lose the bet.
  4. Bets more or less 2.5 goals.
  5. Attached to the first scorer.

Of course there are a lot more bets of other types, but the logic is the same as the normal handicap.

How to choose a betting house

Our main objective is to help you choose a sports betting house that is most suitable for you. For this reason we review and analyze many websites, so that you know exactly what factors you should take into account when choosing a secure website for sports betting.

  1. Security: The safety factor is most important. If the site is not safe, it may happen that you have won a lot of money betting, but they do not let you withdraw your winnings. This factor should prevail over any other promotion or offer offered by the site.
  2. Offer of different sports: This is a really relative factor. What matters is that the site will have the sports that you like and what you understand. We try to make revisions to look at the most popular sports and logically with special attention to the most popular sport in the world – football.
  3. Customer service: It is important that the sports betting house have support staff who speak in the same language as you and that the response time is acceptable.
  4. Welcome bonus: Almost all sports betting houses now offer the welcome bonus. It really is quite interesting and in principle it can serve as an aid to start. But do not forget the terms and conditions, which must be read before accepting these bonuses.
  5. Methods of payment and withdrawal: Houses offer multiple methods of payment and withdrawal, and each player chooses according to their preferences and needs.
  6. Other criteria: More and more betting houses offer apart from the mobile version of their website, also, an official application for mobile devices and this is a very important factor since At any given time, it gives you the possibility to watch sports matches and events live on your mobile wherever you are.

How to know if a sports betting house is trustworthy?

The factor that is also of great importance, is the license. Each country has its own laws regulating the activity of gambling. The houses of the legal sports bets are obliged to expose the public on their website the licenses granted. In case of absences of licenses, there is no need to bet on these sites as it is illegal to offer gambling activities without licenses.

Each type of the game has its own license and the sports betting houses have their license in particular on the counterpart bets.

Next the factor that is not of less importance is the belonging to an independent organization of the arbitration. These organizations are dedicated to mediating between betting houses and their clients, many serious betting houses are linked to this type of organizations since in cases of legal disputes it is always better to have an impartial judge to decide on claims.

For the last one we have to mention that the sites of the sports betting of confidence always use the security measures to avoid the frauds in the banking transactions that take place between the site and users.

Details such as SSL security protocols must be fully encrypted or encrypted and the website address has to start with the letters “HTTPS” as they are the essential requirement for you to make any type of transaction. And also very often, although a little annoying, but extremely necessary, the houses use the procedure of verification of identity of the player at the time of withdrawing the gains.

Welcome bonuses, promotions, and other offers

It is no secret, to attract new players sports betting houses offer many bonuses and promotions. This is fine, but as a result of that and without having the detailed information, there are many accusations of fraud towards a sports betting house. And because? For almost always the players themselves, especially the new ones, are to blame.

Of course, it is understandable, once an offer of the irresistible welcome bonus and you accept it without reading its terms and conditions. But the fulfillment of the terms and conditions is the key key when it comes to taking profits. If you fail, the bonus is voided and there will be complications of withdrawals. Let’s see an example.

Suppose that a sports betting house offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to $ / € 100. In the terms and conditions of the bonus they say that the player must bet the amount of the same bonus 20 times, in total the player must bet $ / € 2000 to be able to withdraw your money. Well, up to here all clear. But the problems come when some bets are lost.

In general, sports betting houses take into account that the player first loses his money, and then the bonus money. In our example, the player accepted the welcome bonus and has bet in total $ / € 200 (100 yours and 100 bonus). If you place a bet of € 95 and lose it, you will have € 105 left, of which 100 will be considered the bonus money. Sincerely, what goes on, if the player has not yet bet the $ / € 2000 of the rollover (the bonus amount (20 times)), he will only be entitled to withdraw $ / € 5 of the $ / € 105 he has in your balance.

This is what happens to many players after losing a couple of bets, when they get discouraged and decide to withdraw their money, and there awaits a negative surprise. Obviously, the bookmakers are not to lose money, this practice is absolutely legal and common and for this reason many times accusations of fraud to a sports bookmaker are unfair.


Summarizing all this we can say that sports betting can be very lucrative and fun, everything depends on you. Always be attentive and prepared, be well informed, bet with responsibility and understand that sports betting carries the risk of losing bets and knowing how to take on this factor.
We hope that our reviews will be useful and independent of the sports betting house you choose, you will always play and bet responsibly and for fun.