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Best Online Casino Bonuses 2018

Find the best online casino bonus is the first thing that players who want to register for the first time in a online casino have to do. In this guide you will find the best online casino bonuses.

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Types of bonuses

Bonuses are one of the most important advantages of online casinos compared to traditional casinos. The casino bonuses are nothing more and nothing less than money that the casino offers its players in exchange for placing their bets on it. Although it is not obligatory to accept them, we could say that to refuse a bonus offered by a casino is to forego many of the possibilities that an online player has to obtain benefits.

Bonus Calculator

For this reason, Casino Duende offers you the Bonus Calculator so you can know in detail the bonuses offered by the casinos before decide for one of them. We advise that before you start calculating, you know well the “Minimum Bet” and the “% of the Bonus” offered by the casino. In this list you can find the best welcome bonuses of the market that Casino Duende has got for you. If you want to know more about the different types of casino bonuses, you can check this information below.

Welcome bonus

Most online casinos offer a Welcome Bonus or also called a first deposit to allow you to start playing. Unfortunately, you can only get this bonus once in each casino at the time of registration. Therefore, it is advisable that before proceeding with the registration process in the casino, you should first investigate about the offer of Welcome Bonuses.

When you register at a casino and make your first deposit, you have fulfilled all the requirements to get the welcome bonus. If you make a deposit, the casino will reward you by giving you a percentage of that deposit. The welcome bonus is considered by many players as a discount type.

For example, if you deposit $ 100 and the casino offers you a 10% bonus, you will get $ 110 to play, although in reality You have made a payment of $ 100. They are usually the highest bonuses you can find and this is because each player can enjoy a single welcome bonus or first deposit at each casino.

Try to be alert in search of the highest percentage bonuses, since these will double, triple and sometimes quadruple your initial deposit. If you are going to register in a casino you must be sure that it offers the highest possible percentage of welcome bonus, since you will only have an opportunity to generate benefits thanks to this bonus.

That is why many players choose to deposit once, play with the welcome bonus and, if lucky, try another casino where they will receive a new bonus. So, once you register at a particular online casino and played enough to take your money, you can always register at another online casino to get a new bonus.

Free Bonus

A Bonus that does not require a deposit is also known as a free Money Bonus. The player receives a bonus simply by registering an account in a online casino. In this case, it is not necessary to make an initial deposit.

If you are interested in this type of Bonds, you should read carefully the fine print of the conditions of use. This is because the casino most likely imposes high requirements or strong conditions of use, such as high minimum bet amounts, or annoying withdrawal limits.

While these types of bonuses may seem attractive, on the other hand could be asking pears elm due to the difficulties that a posteriori that involves the bonus. Especially if you have enough funds to make an initial deposit.

The most coveted of all casino bonuses is the Free Bonus or no deposit casino bonus, as players do not need to make any deposit to receive these bonuses. It is a way that online casinos have to make players try their games, trusting that the quality of them will turn them into loyal customers. The most normal thing is to find offers of small bonuses to play in a casino for free and for a certain period of time.

Loyalty or loyalty bonus

Commonly, this type of Bonus is offered to loyal users who make continuous use of the casino playing for months or even years. In this case, you will probably come across some type of bonus that is similar in characteristics to the one you received when entering for the first time, but this time with a monthly frequency.

Although a loyalty or loyalty bonus is not as lucrative as a first deposit bonus, it is the way an online casino has to reward its most loyal customers. So, the casinos reward this bonus to players who have played for a long period of time, to those who have achieved a certain number of points or to those players who have increased their position in the ranking.

Generally, you will not have to do anything special to receive them, simply playing in your favorite online casino will suffice. The casino will take care of making you receive these bonuses by means of an email or even SMS, so keep abreast of their offers to take full advantage of your activity. Remember that if player status is VIP, you will always receive the best loyalty bonuses.

Bonus for recommending to a friend

If you manage to convince someone you know to register in one of the casinos where you usually play, do not forget to make sure that it is reflected at the time of registration. Otherwise, you will be losing the possibility of receiving a bonus in your account for making good publicity of the room.

Generally, online casinos offer direct money to every player that brings a new customer so you do not need to make any deposit to receive this bonus.

Matching Bonus

An Equalization Bonus is one in which the casino agrees to give you a certain percentage of the amount of your deposit. For example, if you deposit € 100 and the matching bonus is %400, you will receive € 400. But keep in mind that these Bonds have a maximum amount as a reference.

Bonus with free spins

The bonus with free spins applies only to a certain game, the machines online slots. These bonuses are offered to players when there is a tournament or the casino wants to generate interest for a certain game.

Casinos generally offer the possibility of playing the game with free spins so that the player can see what the game is like. Before accepting a bonus with free spins, we recommend reading the conditions, since some only apply to a certain period of time and others may not include money.

Sticky bonus

A “Sticky Bonus” can be used in casino games, but can not be withdrawn from the casino. In essence, the advantage of Sticky Bonuses over a regular one is that the player can start playing before making the deposit in the casino.

Once you have met the wagering requirements, you will be allowed to withdraw funds obtained in your account. The money delivered by the Sticky Bonus will be withdrawn from your account. But the rest will be yours!

Minimum requirements for casino bonuses

It is important that you know that casino bonuses are not simply real money that you can withdraw from your account once you receive them. Online casinos offer these bonuses to attract players, but they also make sure that they stay a minimum amount of time playing in their room.

Therefore, in order to remove the amount corresponding to a bonus received you must have met some requirements and have bet a certain amount. It is important that you know the requirements of each bonus before accepting it, as these vary in each casino.

All that glitters is not gold

Sometimes the biggest bonus is not always the best bonus of online casinos. Each casino has its particular betting requirements. And almost certainly the biggest bonus will have the strictest betting requirements.

So if you’re not a regular player, you may find it difficult to fill in the wagering requirements of big bonuses. That’s why we say that the most attractive bonds are not always the best bonuses.
We recommend you do a preliminary investigation and evaluate if the bonus has acceptable wagering requirements. In this way you will avoid the dislikes, such as losing the money and time in a bonus that you will not be able to claim.