Online gambling in Belarus is legalized

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Online gambling in Belarus

Belarus legalized online casinos

The other day the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, legalized the online gambling market. Around this, disputes about how the work of online casino operators will be carried on are not abating. Administration of the site Casino Duende tried to conduct his own analysis in this new field of activity in the country.

Provisions of the decree: licenses for online casinos

Yuri Pisakov, the head of the gambling business department of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Belarus, told what conditions are necessary to issue a license for online casinos.
To begin with, only legal entities that have a permit for gambling in Belarus and who have been successfully operating in the market for at least 2 years and with experience of the company’s top management – from 3 years can begin with.
Also this license must contain domain names of online casino sites. At the same time, a special register of legal online casinos of Belarus is being formed.

On a special account, an online casino operator must have a security deposit, with the amount to be set by the Council of Ministers of the Republic.
As usual, this deposit will be used to pay winnings and payments to the state budget in the event that the company has financial difficulties. Required identification of players is also introduced. And the minimum age allowed to play in an online casino is 21 years.

Of course, many experts have many opinions about the online casino business in Belarus. Some believe that online gambling will not bring big profits for Belarus, since users will not want to go through the identification procedure.

On the one hand, it will be so, do not expect a large influx of foreign players, and on the other hand, it still gives the online player the legality and relative peace, in case of disputes with the online casino operator, when paying out the winnings.

One way or another time will tell .., but the very fact of legalization of the online casino market is progress in the development of the digital economy of Belarus, which thus wants to attract international IT professionals and accelerate the development of the e-sector of the republic.


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