Slots tournaments at Bgo Casino

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Slots tournaments are now live on Bgo Casino

Slot machine tournaments are competitions where you face thousands of opponents all trying to rank in the top 10 places in the tournament leader board. If you happen to integrate the Top 10 of the competition, you will be eligible for part of the prizes; the amount of your earnings will be determined by your position.

It is possible to enter a slots tournament at any time during the competition, but you can only give the tournament an attempt whatever the result. During this type of tournaments the most difficult thing is to play against thousands of players but have a chance to win only.

Slots tournaments at Bgo Casino

The slot tournaments

Slot machine tournaments are competitions in which the results are reflected in the winnings table. In this sense, the players with the best position in the classification at the end of the tournament are those who will share the winnings. It is often possible to enter a slot machine tournament at any time but, whatever happens, you only have one try. The great difficulty of these tournaments: that we face thousands of players, but with only one chance of winning.

The distribution of the accumulated prize

To do well in these types of tournaments, the online player must start by setting one or several objectives. You must know that having the best score at the end of the tournament is not essential, since the top ten players will split the pot at the end of the competition. Therefore, the player may in this case, try to place between the second and the tenth position.

Also, not because a player has 20,000 points registered in the winnings table, he will win this sum. Here, 20,000 points could correspond to £ 10,000 or £ 5,000. Therefore, it is understood that the player will have to set a numerical goal before starting the match, either relative to the number of points generated, or the prize won in cash.

In a slot machine tournament, players pay a registration fee – or entry fee, and are only entitled to one try. The results that the player has obtained will be, therefore, his score at the end of the game. In addition, it is preferable for the player to focus on a high score.

For this, you will have to opt for aggressive behavior. The minimum target would be a sum with a value of £ 2,000. However, keep in mind that participation in these tournaments presents the risk of losing very quickly, and at any time.

Players must also remember that the leaderboard is not fixed. There are fluctuations during the tournament, unexpected changes of situation. Although the highest scores continue to rise, the others could stagnate. Until the tournament is over, the chances of progression are important and you could benefit from them.

We advise you to regularly consult the classifications table. Once you believe that the evolution of statistics has slowed down, it may be your chance to take a big hit, or even to enter the tournament, for those who have not yet done so.

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