Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a method of payment in Bitcoin Games

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a method of payment in Bitcoin Games
Bitcoin Games has announced that players can now play with new Bitcoin Cash virtual currency.
After the division of Blockchain, the traction of Bitcoin Cash in the market has been slowed down by the indecision of the merchants to integrate the currency. The online casino industry has been especially reluctant to adopt Bitcoin Cash, citing software problems and possible customer confusion. An important force like Bitcoin Games that incorporates the currency in its payment methods will undoubtedly lead others to follow.

With more public support for Bitcoin Cash, its growth is likely to be inevitable. The advantages of the currency include:
– Confirmation of payment faster.
– Increase in transaction amounts.
– Increase in the speed of transactions.
– Lower rates.

As commercial entities recognize these benefits, general use should increase. Meanwhile, there is a limited amount of options with respect to online gambling. It goes back to ensure that Bitcoin Games now offers players the option to use Bitcoin Cash. also has a wallet that supports both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which further simplifies transactions with Bitcoin Games.

All the games in are Provably Fair and are now available with Bitcoin Cash.
They include:
– Video Poker
– Black Jack
– Roulette
– Craps
– I said no
– Slots
– Dice

All expected returns for players have a minimum of 99% and are available to view on the site. is not responsible for any gain or loss incurred during the game on its website.

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