The Flip’s Star lottery in TrueFlip Casino

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Flips Star

Back in 2016 Flip’s Star lottery was the flagship of a newly born True Flip Casino. Today this is just a part of a huge platform offering almost 2000 games. A recent update made Flip’s Star a more available, yet more tempting game, bringing equal chances to all players. Let`s see how the Flip’s Star lottery works now.

The lottery algorithm is still based on the blockchain, which keeps the lottery a provably fair game. But the tickets are now available mostly through playing other platform games.

Users are given points for playing True Flip games. These points are gradually accumulated. As soon as users reach the needed number of points they are automatically given a Flip’s Star ticket. After gaining a ticket users start the accumulation process again.

Tickets are also available for purchase for:

  • 5 tickets— 0.005 BTC
  • 20 tickets— 0.015 BTC
  • 50 tickets— 0.025 BTC
  • 100 tickets— 0.04 BTC
  • 200 tickets— 0.06 BTC
  • 400 tickets— 0.1 BTC

The lottery Jackpot is now equal to an enormous 50BTC, which makes it approximately 334000 Euro!
Besides the Jackpot users may also win other prizes. These are given in the winning table below:

bitcoin casino trueflip special games

For those of you who have not yet signed up on the platform the casino offers a generous Welcome Pack up to 1000 Euro. That together with the lottery is already a good reason to give True Flip Casino a try!

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