The COPA AMERICA has 6 rounds of prizes in FortuneJack!

FortuneJack Casino Betting on the America's Cup

Betting on the America’s Cup is one of the most exciting actions in sports betting – especially on FortuneJack!

Each America’s Cup winning bet earns points on the leaderboard. The highest scores receive up to 40, 50, even 70 mBTC gift in the 6 legs of the tournament!

And the overall winners? They score up to 1 BTC!

But here’s the best part: the qualifying bets are limited to 20 mBTC. That means that the bettors have the same chance to win as everyone else!

For example, if your 20 mBTC bets on a market with 3.0 odds and you win, you will score 60 points on the leaderboard. If you win several bets on the same leg, you will earn even more points!

The first of the first rounds receives a freenbet of 40 mBTC. Second and third place win 30 mBTC and 20 mBTC freebets, respectively.

Once we reach the quarterfinals, first place wins a free bet of 50 mBTC! The semi-final prize is 60 mBTC, and the final pays a free bet of 70 mBTC.

But just like the tournament itself, the final winner of the COPA AMERICA Leaderboard in the FortuneJack Sportsbook wins 1 BTC. The next four also win! Second (0.3 BTC), third (0.2 BTC), fourth (0.15 BTC Freebet) and fifth (0.1 BTC Freebet).

Surely you won’t be able to resist this amount of free money – especially for the bets you were probably about to make. So make sure you don’t miss this opportunity! Visit and bet on FortuneJack! Yours is good fortune!

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